The Ministry of Human Settlements and Development of the BARMM met with the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) at the Bangsamoro Government Center, Cotabato City on May 4, 2022 and planned for the upcoming collaborative activities this year.

The parties discussed the Social Mobilization Training in Cagayan de Oro scheduled late May, the Cross Learning Visit in Zamboanga initially set early June, and the Assessment and Evaluation of 2021 Implementation and 2022 Planning in mid-June.

All discussed plans during the meeting are pending for they are first to be presented to each party’s respective agency for further polishing and final approval.

The CRS was represented by Bai Maroudz Ibrahim, CRS Homes and Communities Information & Influence Officer.

Meanwhile, the MHSD was represented by Zuhaira U. Ebrahim, Housing and Homesite Regulations Officer IV, and Juwairiyah bint Emran Mohamad, Information Officer I.