The Ministry of Human Settlements and Development of the BARMM, through its Information Officer III, imparted needed knowledge on Social Mobilization, Networking, and Alliance Building to MAFAR Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) from Maguindanao Province on May 17, 2022.

The assistance was in response to the request from the Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center (ATI-RTC)-12, headed by Director Abdul I. Dayaan and facilitated by Engr. Mokles P. Buisan, one of the training organizers.

Salembai A. Abdullah, Head of the Information and Communications Section (ICS) exhaustively explained the topics with emphasis on the definitions, different faces, and elements of social mobilization and how they can strengthen the Irrigators’ Associations (IAs) through the facilitation of the AEWs.

She managed the conduct of workshop in which the participants were re-grouped and they were tasked to brainstorm, develop, and present a plan showcasing the different elements of social mobilization in introducing and gaining the support of a community for a certain initiative.

These elements are advocacy, mass media, community organizing, capacity development, networking and alliance building, and participatory monitoring and evaluation.

Abdullah also discussed the the essence of network, its characteristics, key elements, the different types of network relationship, and the similarities and differences of networking and alliance building.

The trainees expressed their gratitude for the valuable knowledge imparted to them and were enthusiastic to share and apply their learning to their areas of jurisdiction.