Proper delineation of functions and identification of issues, delaying factors, and applicable resolutions, were some of the outcomes of the Administrative and Finance (A&F) of the Operations and Management Services (OMS) Assessment and Planning 2023, held at the CNX II and MHSD Regional Conference Room in Cotabato City on March 7-9, 2023.

The three-day activity was conducted by the A&F division of the Ministry of Human Settlements and Development, the housing arm of the BARMM, to detect the specific aspects of its operations that need recalibration or improvement.

Led by OMS Director Salem C. Demuna and Chief Nomaire M. Madid, the activity was highlighted by the series of presentation on the functions and structures of the division’s eight sections namely Supply, Records, Procurement, Human Resources, general Services, Cash, Budget, and Accounting done by the respective heads. 

Contents of the presentations were then used by the facilitators to substantially update the ministry’s service manual by integrating the actual functions and processes per section and carrying out necessary modifications for improvements.

Pressing issues, concerns, root causes, and recommended actions and solutions were also brought up and were discussed by the group, with the assistance of the facilitators and documenters namely Jehanna M. Abdulkarim, Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer III, John Anthony C. Ocumen, Internal Planning Officer, Salembai A. Abdullah, ICS Head, and Nasibah S. Pangca, Cash Section Head.

Action planning for proper ways forward was then performed by the group with the presence of Director General Esmael W. Ebrahim, through which, next steps to better the procedures of every section, were identified and shall be relayed to Minister Atty. Hamid Aminoddin D. Barra in the upcoming weekly meeting for subsequent measures.

Deputy Minister Aldin H. Asiri graced the event and expressed his happiness to be serving the Bangsamoro and for being a part of the MHSD. He encouraged everyone in the group to visit his office anytime for necessary inputs.

Presenters during the assessment and planning were section heads Najmairah C. Ambor of the Supply, Hassanor D. Amboloto of the Procurement, Charani B. Pandi of the Records, Tyrone Luis A. Agcambot of the Human Resources, Shahani T. Tan of the General Services, Nasibah S. Pangca of the Cash, Sharabai B. Hasim of the Budget, and Jasmin M. Macarimbang of the Accounting.