The Ministry of Human Settlements and Development, the Housing Arm of the BARMM, conducted a cluster approach on volumes 1 and 3 of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) Guidebook for Local Government Units (LGUs) of Maguindanao held at the Grand Summit Hotel, General Santos City on February 19-22, 2024.

Volume one of the CLUP guidebook covered the planning process while volume three covered the sectoral studies and ecosystem analysis. The activity focused on the formulation and updating of the LGUs respective CLUP and integrated the Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA).

LArcht. Jehanna M. Abdulkarim, Chief of Policy Development and Coordination Regulation Division, Engr. Muslima K. Abusama, Housing and Homesite Regulations Officer IV from MHSD-Maguindanao and Ali M. Macadaag, Administrative Officer IV took turns presenting CDRA integration steps 3-6, which covered the development of exposure, conduct of climate change vulnerability assessment (CCVA), conduct of disaster risk assessment, and summary of findings.

Engr. Abusama also led the presentations on identifying existing land use and the drafting of proposed land and water use analysis.

During the workshops, the writers were separated from the mappers to focus on their technical outputs. The mapping team was guided by Arturo Racaza, Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist, assisted by Addan B. Abdullah, GIS Mapper, and Marjan P. Saminoden, Project Development Assistant and GIS Specialist.

Outputs from the workshops and accomplished in their draft CLUP, were presented by the MPDC and TWG of the eight LGUs. The presentations served as a platform for feedback and further improvement of the draft CLUP, Zoning Ordinance (ZO), and maps.

The program formally began with opening message from Suharto S. Wahab, EnP, REA, REB, Director II for Technical and Regulatory Services, followed by the welcome address from Atty. Janice-zah M. Macapanatar, EnP, Chief of Environment, Land Use and Urban Development Division and concluded with closing message from Noroden S. Abdullah, RF, Provincial Director (PD) for MHSD-Maguindanao.

The participants of the cluster approach were officials and representatives from LGU-Datu Blah Sinsuat, Datu Hoffer, Datu Paglas, Datu Piang, Guindulungan, Mamasapano, Paglat and LGU-Talayan.