In observance of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, the Ministry of Human Settlements and Development, the Housing Arm of the BARMM, through its leaders, strengthened the unity and spirituality among the employees through a grand iftar filled with enlightening messages and held at the City Mall Function Hall (Lower Ground), Cotabato City on March 19, 2024.

Minister Atty. Hamid Aminoddin D. Barra, former dean of the King Faisal center for Islamic, Arabic and Asian Studies and an Islamic scholar of the National Ulama Conference of the Philippines, gave the background of Ramadhan, such as its relationship to the Qur’an’s revelation. He advised the listeners to repent, promise not to repeat and seek forgiveness from Allah SWT. He portrayed the Prophet Muhammad SAW as the paragon of a good Muslim, and he requested that everyone keep Palestine and Gaza in their prayers.

Bangsamoro Director General Esmael W. Ebrahim, a graduate of the International Institute of Islamic Economics of the International Islamic University, Islamabad, Pakistan, thanked the MHSD family for coming together under the leadership of Minister Barra. He prayed for all those taking the upcoming Bar examination be guided and acknowledged that those still living to witness this Ramadhan are those who are blessed in the world. He took a moment to remember those who have passed away, and shared his gratitude to be blessed in continuing the practice of one of the pillars of Islam, which is fasting during the month of Ramadhan.

After a solemn opening prayer asking for the freedom of Palestine and blessing during the fast, Spiritual Leader Sheikh Ibrahim Bagumbun, Executive Assistant III, implored participants to maintain the obligatory prayers not just during Ramadhan, but even after, and do as many dua’ as this Holy Month is a Month of Du’a.

Meanwhile, Salem C. Demuna, REA, Director II for Operations and Management Services, shared what he learned from the three speakers, then requested all to lighten their hearts when it is heavy and to take this month of fasting as an opportunity to do so by turning back to Allah SWT.

After the spiritually enlightening messages, participants broke their fast together at the proper time and prayed in batches of congregation for maghrib at the venue before returning home to make it to isha and taraweeh prayer.