The Ministry of Human Settlements and Development, the Housing Arm of the BARMM, oriented the members of the Provincial Land Use Committee (PLUC) of Basilan on the review and approval process of Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) and Zoning Ordinance (ZO), held at the Blue Lotus Hotel, Davao City on December 12-13, 2023.

“Through this initiative, the LGUs of Basilan will develop interest, unity, and collaboration in crafting the CLUP, from the provincial down to the municipal level, involving various agencies. This activity aims to raise awareness that all stakeholders have roles in the creation of the CLUP,” said Ibrahim M. Haruddain, LPT, Provincial Director (PD) of MHSD-Basilan.

Committee members gained a comprehensive understanding of the procedural intricacies in the review and approval of CLUP and ZO, which will equip them with the necessary insights to navigate the regulatory landscape and contribute effectively to the decision-making process.

Encountering a range of review factors from different agencies provided the committee with a subtle and detailed insight into the complex considerations involved in land-use planning. The simulation exercise during the workshops also allowed committee members to practically apply their knowledge to a real-world scenario.

This hands-on experience facilitated a deeper comprehension of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the review process, enabling them to refine their skills for effective decision-making.

“We emphasize in this undertaking that we [the MHSD] do not claim expertise; rather, you [the participants], as experts familiar with your respective areas, are crucial. You are the ones on the ground, and our role is to synchronize your plans and address technicalities. The composition of the PLUC should reflect your knowledge of the province and municipalities, aligned with the Bangsamoro Economic and Development Council’s (BEDC) standards,” said Suharto S. Wahab, EnP, REA, REB, Director II for Technical and Regulatory Services (TRS).

The activity was facilitated by the MHSD Basilan Provincial Office led by PD Haruddain, and the Environment, Land Use and Urban Development Division (ELUUDD) led by Chief Atty. Janice-zah M. Macapanatar, who also presented the CLUP Review Process Flow and Scheduling.

Other presentations shared throughout the activity were the CLUP Outline for Volume 1-3 by Abdulgaffur M. Casim, Administrative Officer V; CLUP Review Parameters by Engr. Muslima K. Abusama, Housing and Homesite Regulation Officer IV of the MHSD-Maguindanao; the CLUP Required Maps by Marjan P. Saminoden, Project Development Assistant and GIS Specialist, and; the Overview of the Training by Ali M. Macadaag, Administrative Officer IV.

“We see the provincial government of Basilan as a team that wants to work together, providing support and knowledge to make sure this planning process goes well. As we figure out the details of land use planning and for us to be able to build strong and sustainable communities, the Provincial Government of Basilan promises and commits to give resources, share what works best, and create a space for everyone to learn from each other,” said Minsara A. Muarip, one of the Basilan PLUC members and representative of Engr. Nelson Akmadol, Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator (PPDC).