Led by Minister Atty. Hamid Aminoddin D. Barra, the top management of the Ministry of Human Settlements and Development, the Housing Arm of the BARMM, convened at Bihing Tahik Resort, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi to assess the Ministry’s midyear performance for 2022 and address pressing matters for smoother operations moving forward.

Presentations to guide the Provincial Directors’ offices were shared from the heads and chiefs of the Planning and Design Division (PDD), Environment, Land Use, and Urban Development Division (ELUUDD), Housing and Human Settlements Division (HHSD), Policy Development and Coordination Division (PDCD), Monitoring and Evaluation Division (MED) and the Administrative and Finance Division (AFD).

Salient discussions during the assessment included current practices observed by the Ministry and improving upon such practices for ease of workflow, to be reflected by the Provincial Offices. One of these changes included the recall and deployment of permanent employees to their respective offices. Regional employees will return to the Bangsamoro Government Center while provincial employees take office at their respective provinces.

Special Disbursing Officers per province and focal persons per program were also re-identified during the assessment.

The activity was held from September 8-9, and again on the 11th in lieu of a Groundbreaking Ceremony scheduled for the 10th at the Municipality of Languyan, Tawi-Tawi.

Minister Barra formally opened the program reminding the directors of their journey through the Job Portal process and, though it was long and the decision making difficult, that the elite were chosen for the particular position being served today.

He also gave a brief history of the MHSD’s creation, beginning from his time in parliament and how it was his parliament staff that served as the skeletal force to the solid base it has become now.

“Strength is in unity. Be reminded of the sticks metaphor: A single stick aline is easy bend and break, but together, it is solid and difficult to snap,” Minsiter Barra said.

“We are hopeful that the future of the Bangsamoro will be well. Verily, the best person to employ is one who is trustworthy and competent, such as you. As Muslims, no matter what happens to us, we rely on Allah SWT, aware that we will commit mistakes, but will do our best to correct and rectify them, which should be kept in mind for the assessment’s topics,” he added.

Director General Esmael W. Ebrahim welcomed participants with an overview of their stay in Tawi-Tawi, including the Groundbreaking Ceremony on the 10th. He referenced verses of the Qur’an salient to assessment and reminded everyone that the office is also mandated by law to assess accomplishments, identifying what has happened and ways forward.

“As an infant office, we must work together. The Directors will help us answer issues and concerns we identify, but there will be no finger pointing, merely internalizing. Know that no one is perfect and we are here to rectify issues and concerns,” DG Ebrahim said, acknowledging that the Ministry is prepared to renew its direction based on the values given by Allah SWT.

Suharto S. Wahab, Director II for Technical and Regulatory Services, finished his synthesis of the activity reminding the participants of IBADA, which he made into an acronym to mean Intention, Belief, Action, Dedication and Accountability, all of which are key factors when serving the Bangsamoro. DG Ebrahim then added an H at the end to mean Honesty. 

Salem C. Demuna, Director II for Operations and Management Services formally closed the activity hoping that the Bangsamoro Government will give beneficial impact to its constituents and Leadership, from today to 2025, to bring about positive change.

“We must deliver our services. Deliver to the people, and let the service be felt by each Bangsamoro, to help the constituents,” Dir. Demuna said.

The activity was hosted by the MHSD Office in Tawi-Tawi, led by Prov. Dir. Engr. Sabturani U. Bakil, and facilitated by the PDCD, with the Cash Section and Information and Communications Section.

An orientation on the Provincial Offices’ expected activities for the rest of the year and its functions moving forward is scheduled to be conducted on the last week of September, this year.