More housing resettlement projects will soon be implemented in Maguindanao del Norte after the Ministry of Human Settlements and Development, the Housing Arm of the BARMM, signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Local Chief Executives of Matanog and Parang at the MHSD Regional Office, Bangsamoro Government Center, Cotabato City on February 20, 2024.

Minister Atty. Hamid Aminoddin D. Barra recounted the series of back-to-back MOA signings throughout the week, starting with the three LGUs in Marawi on Thursday, followed by the signing with LGU-Lantawan, Basilan a day before, and how the day after, the MHSD will be signing another MOA with LGU-Kapatagan, LDS.

“This is our kind of jihad because we are fighting with our minds and efforts in governing ourselves. We are proving that we can handle and do our job, which fuels us in the MHSD to do our work for the Bangsamoro,” Minister Barra said.

He then enumerated the 1,800 housing units expected for implementation this 2024, 900 of which will rise within the BARMM, 600 for camp transformation, and another 300 outside the region.

Architect Abubakar Abdullah E. Pangadil and Engr. Borjan T. Gumaga explained the specifications of the project, such as how the housing development project in Bayanga, Matanog will have a concrete arch entranceway, 50 housing units, and a solar powered water system level III, funded under the Special Development Fund (SDF) 2022.

Meanwhile, 50 housing units will be constructed in Sitio Malingao, Brgy. Nituan, Parang, each having 48 sq.m area with three bedrooms, an outdoor kitchen area, living-dining area, and one bathroom, funded under the General Appropriations Act of the Bangsamoro (GAAB) 2024. The design of the houses is same as that of Matanog.

Deputy Minister Aldin H. Asiri congratulated the two municipalities for attaining this milestone with the MHSD and, by extension, the Bangsamoro government with the shared goal of providing services to the people guided by moral governance.

Bangsamoro Director General Esmael W. Ebrahim lauded the mayors for their perseverance and service to their people despite the hardships, especially in Matanog, one of the central locations of the Bangsamoro struggle during the time of all-out war in Maguindanao. 

Matanog Mayor Hon. Zohria S. Bansil-Guro and Parang Mayor Hon. Cahar P. Ibay both acknowledged and lauded the MHSD for its contribution in serving the Bangsamoro, witnessed and felt by the Bangsamoro, especially by the neediest communities that are now getting back to their feet after the struggle. Both mayors took the audience on a journey through their municipalities via their messages, which ended with gratitude, hope and commitment to deliver their part of the projects for their constituents.

The MHSD Office in Maguindanao, led by Provincial Director (PD) Noroden S. Abdullah, RF, will be closely monitoring and working with the LGUs thereby ensuring the success of the implementation of the projects.

The MHSD has implemented a total of 643 housing units since 2020 up to 2023. An additional 550 units have begun implementation this 2024, 150 of which are in Maguindanao. Meanwhile, from the 600 units to be implemented for the Camp Transformation Plan, 300 units will be raised in the three MILF Camps in Maguindanao.

“Maguindanao thus makes up the 23.47% of the total 4,443 units to be established by the MHSD,” shared Engr. Zainodin A. Buisan, Chief of Planning and Design Division.